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07 March, 2017 – Wal Cartoon provides you with a tremendous number of wallpapers, pictures and drawings of Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry is one of the most famous cartoons today, and it is recognizable by anyone, people of all ages. The Tom and Jerry cartoon was created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara in 1940, and it run for 18 years. During this period, Tom and Jerry won seven Oscars for the best short animated films. This was an impressive number of awards, and because of this, other art producers have bought the rights to create Tom and Jerry cartoons. Until today, movies and short cartoons with Tom and Jerry as the main characters are debuting. The cartoon is about a mouse Jerry and a cat Tom, and their continuous play of cat and mouse. The conflict is a never ending one, and what makes it more funny, is that the more powerful Tom is not always a winner. Actually, the short-animated movies finish with a morale. Over time, the cartoon has been introducing new side characters. There are a few spin-offs of Tom and Jerry. Today, Tom and Jerry is one of the highest-grossing animated short film series in the world, overtaking Disney’s cartoons. Due to such a popular effect Tom and Jerry had, many people are looking for images, pictures, or drawings to be used as a wallpaper or to be printed in large format so that they can hang on walls.

Wal Cartoon offers you one on the largest online collection of pictures, drawings and wallpapers of Tom and Jerry. On Wall Cartoons, you will find a large list of posts, and depending what you are looking for, you can find wallpapers with just Tom for your Android or iOS phone, or Jerry for Android, iOS, or desktop wallpapers. If you want a picture that is more reflects more actions, you will have a large collection to choose from. Also, in case you are a big fan of Tom and Jerry, but you also like a particular episode from the original series or the spin-offs, you will be glad to know that many posts are categorized by the title of the episode. Look at the sitemap to see a full list of posts of pictures and wallpapers of Tom and Jerry.


In no other place, you will find such a large collection of pictures and drawings of Tom and Jerry.

About Wal Cartoon:
Wal Cartoon was created for fans of Tom and Jerry animated series to make it easy for them to find the pictures and wallpapers of the right resolutions for their phones or desktops.


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